Epic Dramatic Music: Tense Cinematic, Drama & Dark Instrumentals

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Epic VII: The Dramatic Playlist

Theme: Orchestral Tension (Classical & Instrumental)

My curated playlist can be found on Spotify, YouTube, YouTube Music and Deezer. You can find links to each platform are at the end of both first and second part.

After Epic Ⅰ, Epic Ⅱ, Epic Ⅲ, Epic Ⅳ, Epic Ⅴ & Epic Ⅵ this is my seventh playlist's dedicated page, Epic : the epic dramatic playlist aka "Epic Dramatic/Tense Cinematic".

In the first part below you will find information about the playlist's opening story, genres and specifications, like the song count and total duration.

The second part has some featured artists and tracks listed, that appear in my playlist, giving you an overview about some of the content.

Epic Dramatic Music Playlist

Dramatic Playlist: Cover Arts & Story Opening

World's… …End
Epic "No path of retreatDefeat is not an optionSeize—your weapon"―Demfire Creation

The story is about the tragic death of a Hero, that failed to defeat the Blade of Miquella.

The first 13 songs of the playlist are currently set in stone, as they are all part of the opening story. The Hero fails on track 05 (Malenia), continues fighting on track 06 while getting slowly consumed by the rot and finally dies on track 07. Then, it's his post-death tale until track 13.

The name of the songs are also very explicit, you can follow the story by reading them, this is 06 to 13: Gladiators Will to Fight... Brave Warrior... An Unfinished Life... Honor Him... Into the Light... Aqua Vitae... The Fates... Undying love...

Following this part, is the start of a war.

Dramatic Playlist: General Information


Mostly prominent type of music:

Dramatic Playlist: Genres & Subgenres



One Of My Dramatic Tracks

Track #06 of my album "Epic Music Debut"(This track is not in my playlist)

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Epic Dramatic Music


A Hero that couldn't overcome his adversary.

A lot of trailer music, as dramatic music is common practice for movie trailers.

An intense feeling of tragedy in each single track.

Here are some featured songs:

Epic Dramatic Music

Epic Tense Music

Epic Cinematic Music

Dramatic Trailer Music

Dramatic Film Music

Dark Instrumental Music

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