Epic Choir Music: Dramatic Choral & Dark Opera Songs

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Epic V: The Dark Choir Playlist

Theme: Dark Classical (Dramatic, Orchestra, Opera)

Epic X is Epic V's bright choral counterpart

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After Epic Ⅰ, Epic Ⅱ, Epic Ⅲ & Epic Ⅳ this is my fifth playlist's dedicated page, Epic: the epic choir playlist aka "Epic Dark/Choirs/Opera".

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Epic Choir Music Playlist

Cover Arts & Story Opening

Voices… …of Darkness
Epic Ⅴ"No light shines hereOnly darkness prevailsIs this—Hell?"―Demfire Creation
No comeback… …from Hell
To Hell… …and back
The bright… …the dark

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Epic Choir Music


A dark and intense start. Choirs are part of every track in this playlist.

You are stuck in Hell with no escape, so better enjoy the Voices of Darkness.

Overall a mix of dark choirs, epic choirs and both combined: epic dark choirs.

And a handful of very rare and hard to find dark opera tracks.

Here are some songs and artist examples:

Dramatic Choral Music

Epic Classical Music With Choir

Epic Choral Battle Music

Dark Opera Music

Classical Choir Music (moved to Epic X)

Epic Chorus Music (moved to Epic X)