Epic Gaming Music: Hybrid Orchestral, Alternative Rock & Electronic

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Epic VI: The Gaming Playlist

Theme: Hybrid Action (Genre Mix)

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Additional information below.

My curated playlists can be found on platforms that have implemented community playlists, I update all of them regularly with new songs.

This playlist is "unscheduled", meaning that I update it roughly ever other week instead of weekly. I'm also not posting updates about unscheduled playlists.

After Epic Ⅰ, Epic Ⅱ, Epic Ⅲ, Epic Ⅳ & Epic Ⅴ this is my sixth playlist's dedicated page, Epic : the epic gaming playlist aka "Epic Hybrid/Action Gaming".

The first section below has information about the story, genres and specifications. The second section has information about what kind of tracks you can find, listing songs and their respective artist(s).

Epic Gaming Music Playlist

Cover Arts & Story Opening

Hybrid Soldier
Epic Ⅵ"Enemy detectedDestruction protocol...Activated"―Demfire Creation
Unlimited… …Power
Battle… …awaits
Epic Ⅵ"Inside the castleWatching from his throneThe battle—has started"―Demfire Creation
Search… …and destroy
Epic Ⅵ"Gear up warriorsThe time has comeTo defeat—the Titan!"―Demfire Creation

General Information


Mostly prominent type of music:

Genres & Subgenres



Epic Gaming Music


A mix of hybrid rock, electronic and orchestral tracks including everything from character themes to final boss fights.

Music from both MMORPG and RPG is common, and also from fighting games.

Tracks are mostly a crossover between multiple genres.

Here are some examples:

Boss Fight Music

Epic Dragon Music

Epic Gaming Music

Epic MMORPG Music

Epic Hybrid Music

Epic Electronic Music