Epic Viking Music: Nordic, Dark Folk & Norse Songs

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Epic VIII: The Viking Playlist

Theme: Nordic War (Dark Folk, Battle Drums, Warrior Chants)

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Check out information about my viking playlist below.

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This is my dedicated page for my eight epic playlist, Epic : the epic Viking playlist aka "Epic Viking/Nordic/War".

Further down the page you will discover comprehensive information about the playlist's genres, subgenres and general details.

For a more in-depth exploration proceed to the second section where you will encounter a categorized list of songs and their respective artists.

Epic Viking Music Playlist

Viking Playlist: Cover Arts & Story

Viking story
The North… …Calls
Epic Ⅷ"On the Nordic fieldsMy wrath knows no boundsBlood—stains my blade"―Demfire Creation
Previous viking story
Lost… …islands
Pre-split from Epic Ⅲ"On the Nordic fieldsSlicing everything in my pathMy weapon—needs a reforge"―Demfire Creation

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Predominant music type:

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Epic Viking Music


Everything viking related. From the drums of war sounds to exploration in uncharted territories.

An even distribution of instrumentals and lyrical songs (also some raw grunting).

You can find below a list of featured songs and artists:

Epic Viking Music

Epic Nordic Music

Viking War Music

Dark Folk Music

Viking Drum Music

Nordic Vocal Music