Epic Pirate Music: Ship Battles & Sea Folk Instrumentals

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Epic III: The Pirate Playlist

Theme: Intense Folk (Ship Battles, Irish, Scots & Celts)

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A little bit more reading below.

I curate playlists on multiple music platforms including Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer and Tidal.

After Epic Ⅰ & Epic Ⅱ, this is my dedicated page for my third epic playlist, Epic Ⅲ: the epic pirate playlist aka "Epic Pirates/Folk/Celtic".

I'm currently removing the sea shanty section, which was a small one at the end of the playlist. Shanties will come back later in the form of a World playlist (with a lot more shanties than what was in this playlist). This only affects standalone shanties (singing only), other type of shanties that are part of songs like the Gangplank one will remain in the playlist.

Below you'll find details on my playlist's genres, subgenres and general information. To delve deeper into the specifics, head to the second section of the page where you can find a list of songs and their corresponding artists, organized by genre categories.

Epic Pirate Music Playlist

Cover Arts & Story Opening

Ship… …of Legends
Epic Ⅲ"On the Sea of FortuneSailing into a storm of aleWhere—is the Captain?"―Demfire Creation
Conquer… …the SEAS

The first few songs of my playlist are introduced with a story-driven three-line quote opening:

These quotes set the stage for the following tracks, with the third quote specifically alluding to the song about Gangplank. 

General Information


Predominant music type:

Genres & Subgenres



Epic Pirate Music


The playlist has multiple themes, but they all fall under the overarching pirate theme.

My playlist features a diverse range of epic and dark folk music that complement each other seamlessly. The selection includes music from Irish and Scottish traditions, as well as Celt feasts and tavern parties that serve as a celebration of successful sea plunders and village raids.

Here are some songs and artists that you can discover in my curated pirate playlist:

Epic Pirate Music

Epic Folk Music

Epic Celtic Music

Ship Battle Music

Dark Folk Music

Sea Shanty Songs (coming back soon)