Epic Oriental Music: Arabic & Far East Instrumental Songs

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Epic IX: The Oriental Playlist

Theme: Oriental Orchestral (Instrumentals, Arabic to Far East Asia)

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You can find information about my playlist's story and content below.

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This is my dedicated page for my ninth epic playlist, Epic : the epic oriental playlist aka "Epic Oriental/Arabic".

This playlist contains a variety of instrumentals from the Middle East and Asia. The ethnic instruments used can also be from outside of this range, as long as the global Oriental vibe can be felt.

Epic Oriental Music Playlist 2023

Oriental Playlist: Cover Art & Story

Oriental woman
Epic Ⅸ
"Beyond the sandstormAn ancient dynastyWinds—of hope"―Demfire Creation

After the intro track "Main Theme (Orchestral)" that defines what you will find in the playlist, the following opening tracks tell a precise story that lead to a town being under siege:

At the gates of Babylon... dancing with the source... legions of blood... Saladin besieges Jerusalem...

A march from Babylon to conquer Jerusalem.

The story past this point is about an adventure to find an ancient relic. Multiple challenges and traps await.

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Epic Oriental/Arabic Music 2023


From the Middle East to the Far East, a collection of the best instrumentals performed by orchestras.

Below is a list of some songs and artists you can find in my playlist:

Epic Oriental Music

Epic Arabic Music

Oriental Fighting Music

Oriental Far East Music

Middle Eastern Music