Epic Motivational Music: Powerful Orchestral, Heroic & Inspirational Songs

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Epic II: The Motivational Playlist

Theme: Powerful Orchestral (Lyrical & Instrumental)

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I curate playlists on Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer and Tidal.

After Epic Ⅰ, this page is for the second playlist, Epic: the epic orchestral playlist aka "Epic Motivational/Powerful Orchestral".

Below you can find the genres, subgenres and general information about my playlist.

In the second part I will be listing some songs and their respective artists that you can find under some specific categories in my playlist.

Epic Orchestral Music Playlist

Cover Arts & Stories

To Glory
Epic Ⅱ"Into the unknownA battle awaitsWelcome—soldier"―Demfire Creation
Jump In
The… …Unworthy
Epic Ⅱ"Stand before meShow me your strengthYou arenot worthy"―Demfire Creation
To… …Glory
Epic Ⅱ"Throughout endless battlesStrength surges within meGlory—awaits beyond"―Demfire Creation
Epic Ⅱ"The battle is not overThe enemy we are facingIs God—himself"―Demfire Creation
I grow… …stronger

General Information


Mostly prominent type of music:

Genres & Subgenres



Epic Orchestral Music


Orchestral is the main theme and the mood is heavily motivational oriented.

Uplifting, inspirational and hype songs are what you will mostly encounter, in the form of both vocal/lyrical and instrumental.

Here are some songs and artists that you'll hear in my curated orchestral playlist:

Intense Orchestral Music

Epic Motivational Music

Epic Inspirational Music

Heroic Orchestral Music

Epic Orchestral Music With Choir

Orchestral Trailer Music