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Epic IV: The Fantasy Playlist

Theme: High Fantasy (Orchestral & Background)

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After Epic Ⅰ, Epic Ⅱ & Epic Ⅲ, this is my fourth epic playlist's dedicated page, Epic : the epic fantasy playlist aka "Epic Fantasy/Adventure/Elves".

The playlist's genres, subgenres and global information can be found below.

And some more information can be found in the second section, like songs and their respective artists that I listed under specific genre categories.

Epic Fantasy Music Playlist

Fantasy playlist: Cover Arts & Story Opening

My… …destiny
Epic Ⅳ"Danger lies aheadThrough waters and skiesI must fulfill—my destiny"―Demfire Creation
My… …destiny

Fantasy playlist: General Information


Mostly prominent type of music:

Fantasy playlist: Genres & Subgenres



Fantasy playlist: Featured Track

Duration: 1min07

The airship theme starts at 0:32, you can find this track in my epic fantasy playlist.

Track #16 of my album "Epic Music Debut"

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Epic Fantasy Music


My diverse playlist offers a variety of themes, with a primary focus on fantasy.

You'll find everything from epic orchestral pieces to soothing background tracks, and even some elven chants for a touch of mysticism.

Some of the standout artists and songs featured in the playlist include: 

High Fantasy Music

Epic Adventure Music

Epic Elf Music

Heroic Fantasy Music

Epic RPG Music

DnD Background Music

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