Epic Battle Music: Classical Orchestra, Fight & War Songs

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I'm an independent playlist curator on Spotify, YouTube Music and Deezer. All direct links to these platforms (also to normal YouTube) can be found below.

This page is dedicated to Epic Ⅰ: the epic battle playlist aka "Epic Battle/Intense/Fight".

I will be going over the genres and subgenres you can find in my music playlist and general information about the playlist's content.

At the end I will be giving you some songs and artists examples, below specific categories of music type that you can find in my playlist.

Epic Battle Music Playlist

Cover Arts & Story Opening

On… …the battlefield
Epic Ⅰ"On an uncharted landWhere the battle ragesHe—is waiting"―Demfire Creation
On… …the battlefield
On… …the battlefield
On… …the battlefield

The first 3 songs in my playlist, are represented by this story-driven 3-line quote opening:

Genres & Subgenres



General Information


Mostly prominent type of music:

One Of My Battle Music Tracks

Duration: 1min

Track #03 of my album "Epic Music Debut"

This is one of my own tracks that appear in my epic battle playlist.

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More information below.

Epic Battle Music

Battle is the main theme. There is a lot of variety, that you will see below.

I will be listing some songs and artists that you can find in my curated playlist under each category.

My playlist contains a lot of game soundtracks, but also some epic battle music from trailers and movie scores.

Epic Classical Battle Music

Epic Dark Battle Music

Epic Fantasy Battle Music

Epic Choral Battle Music

Epic Powerful Battle Music

Epic Cinematic Battle Music

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