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I'm an independent playlist curator on music platforms that have community playlists, like:

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On this page you can browse through all my curated playlists and find direct links to them for each platform.

I added information about each playlist content, like:

Playlists with regular updates are the best way for you to discover new music

All platforms do no have the same songs and artists availability. This means that there will be some minor changes depending on what I can find to replace non-available songs.

If you don't already have a main streaming platform, a comparison between the best ones will help you make up your mind.

Note: Tidal has the most missing songs (ranging from 10% to 30%). I make my playlists on Spotify first.

All my Epic playlists now have a dedicated page that you can access by clicking on the button below their picture.

Posting daily playlist updates on Twitter. For the latest and upcoming playlists check my news page.

Note about shuffling playlists (do not)

Most of my playlists (all Epics, some Worlds) have a "don't shuffle" in their specifications. By shuffling you get rid of transitions, slow mood changes, themed sections, etc.. My playlists are ongoing stories. Listening order matters.

Epic Music Playlists

1. Epic Battle Music

On… …the battlefield
Epic Ⅰ"On an uncharted landWhere the battle ragesHe—is waiting"―Demfire Creation

2. Epic Motivational Music

Jump In
Epic Ⅱ"Into the unknownA battle awaitsWelcomesoldier"―Demfire Creation

3. Epic Pirate Music

Ship… …of Legends
Epic Ⅲ"On the Sea of FortuneSailing into a storm of aleWhere—is the Captain?"―Demfire Creation

4. Epic Fantasy Music

My… …destiny
Epic Ⅳ"Danger lies aheadThrough waters and skiesI must fulfill—my destiny"―Demfire Creation

5. Epic Choir Music

No comeback… …from Hell
Epic Ⅴ"No light shines hereOnly darkness prevailsIs this—Hell?"―Demfire Creation

6. Epic Gaming Music

Unlimited… …Power
Epic Ⅵ"Enemy detectedDestruction protocol...—Activated"―Demfire Creation

7. Epic Dramatic Music

World's End
Epic "No path of retreatDefeat is not an optionSeize—your weapon"―Demfire Creation

8. Epic Viking Music

The North… …Calls
Epic Ⅷ"On the Nordic fieldsMy wrath knows no boundsBloodstains my blade"Demfire Creation

9. Epic Oriental Music

Oriental woman
Epic Ⅸ
"Beyond the sandstormAn ancient dynastyWinds—of hope"―Demfire Creation

10. Epic Classical Music (NEW)

The king

Page under construction

"Realm of angelsAuthority of archangelsThe town—of Haven"―Demfire Creation

World Music Playlists

1. Tribal Drums Music

A multi-cultural tribal playlist with drums from all over the World.

Mix of cultures: African, Indian, Native American, Asian.

Music from James Asher, Byron Metcalf, Soukouss Ta, Godfrey Mgcina, Guem & more.

tribal drums all over the world

Different version:

2. African Drums Music

The most authentic and traditional drumming music in the whole contient of Africa.

After curating my Tribal playlist for a while I decided to regroup all African artists that I discovered.

3. Japanese Taiko Drums Music

The most authentic and traditional drumming music from the country of Japan.

Find a mix of small, big and huge Taikos being played in fast and energetic ways.

4. Flute Music

An ethnic flute playlist for meditation, yoga, sleep, spa and everything similar.

Mix of different type of cultures like Indian, Native American and Asian.

5. Gregorian Chants

The chanting of the Gregorian Monk & Nuns in churches, abbeys, cathedrals.

Mix of music: voices, hymns, benedictines, chorus, medieval, monastic, religious and divine.

6. Medieval Music

Medieval taverns, from hardcore party to ambient acoustics.

Traditional songs from the medieval era.

Music from Datura Medieval Music, games like The Witcher (Gwent part), Civilization VI & more.