Tribal Drums: African, Indian, Native American, Asian & War Music

Tribal Drums

tribal drums album cover

Tribal Drums Album

A massive multi-cultural tribal drumming album with a total of 50 songs. You can find drums from Africa, like the Djembe; drums from India like the Tablas; drums from America like the Toms; drums from Asia like the Chinese Kettles and the Japanese Taikos.

Album track sections

1-10: Traditional African Drums.

(Learn about African tribal drums).

11-20: Traditional Indian Drums.

21-30: Traditional Native American Drums.

31-40: Traditional Asian Drums.

41-50: War Drums (mixed cultures).

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Scroll down to see a video format with 5 drums per video.

African Drum Music

African Drums

Traditional African Music

Indian Drum Music

Indian Drums

Traditional Indian Music

Native American Drum Music

Native American Drums

Traditional Native American Music

Japanese Drum Music

Japanese Taiko Drums

Asian Drum Music

Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian & Nepalese Drums

War Drum Music

Tribal War Drums

Battle Drums War Music