Licensing Information

Non-Commercial Use

Free usage of my music in videos is limited to the following conditions:

(YouTube examples are given under each condition)

  • Non-commercial usage only. You are not allowed to make money of it.

(You are not allowed to monetize it on YouTube as my distributor CD Baby will already claim and monetize it)

(It's a claim not a strike, your YouTube channel is not at risk. Do not dispute the claim.)

This is what you'll see in the YouTube details tab:

Copyright. Copyright-protected content found. The owner allows the content to be used on YouTube.
Channel impact. Not affected. The Content ID claim on your video doesn't affect your channel. This is not a copyright strike.
  • No similar content to mine. No reuploads.

(You are not allowed to make a video with the music being the main focus)

(This includes uploading the raw music or using stock images/slideshows/footage with it)

  • Credits are required.

(In the YouTube description, write "Music by Demfire Creation" and link to my channel)

  • Your content has to comply with YouTube (or similar platforms) terms of service.

(On YouTube you have to comply with the Reused Content Policy)

(Your content has to be original, the music cannot be the main focus)

  • I reserve the right to judge if you do or do not comply with all conditions.

Some examples of what is permitted:

  • Making a video of you doing yoga with my music in the background.

(You are the main focus of the video. If you want to monetize it, read the next section)

  • Making a video of you talking about various topics with my music in the background.

(Same as above. Remember that you are not allowed to monetize it. If you want to monetize it, read the next section)

Special case: Streaming

  • Everything above applies.

(You have to be the main focus of the stream. Music only is not allowed)

  • I wont randomly DMCA strike you.

After reading this, if you still can't figure out if you do or do not need a license, then you probably do need to buy one.

Commercial Use

For every type of commercial use you will need to buy a license.

(Buying a license will allow you to remove the claim by attaching it to the dispute, allowing you to monetize your video)

If you are a music supervisor, you can buy a license on my distributor's CD Baby licensing website.

CD Baby's licensing website:

(NEW) If you are a content creator (YouTube & similar), you can buy an affordable license on Pond5.

(Tracks will become slowly available over the course of the year. I will add a Pond5 link in my YouTube video descriptions)

Royalty Free Pond5 license:

Credits are always required.

For any questions, the best way to contact me is on YouTube. Look for the music on my channel that you want to use (not the auto-generated ones) and leave your question in the comments. For more general questions you can also use the community tab. I'll get back to you within 24 hours.