Epic Music Debut

Epic Orchestral Music

Epic Music Debut album cover

Epic Music Debut Album

Epic Music Debut is an epic 22 songs classical orchestral album (20+2 bonus). All tracks are full orchestrations, with the exception of the opening track.

You will find a diversity of moods:

  • Intense battle

  • Powerful choirs

  • Heroic moments

  • Dramatic soundtracks

Scroll down for cinematics, releasing 1 per week.

Epic Cinematic Trailer

Album trailer

Epic Music Debut album trailer

Epic Music Videos (Cinematics)

Gregorian Chant Music

(Opening) Track #01 - Gregorian Chant Music (Gregorian Monks Chanting)

Epic Heroic Music

Track #02 - Epic Heroic Music (Build-Up to Heroic Ending)

Epic Battle Music

Track #03 - Epic Battle Music (With Epic Choir)

Epic Victory Music

Track #04 - Epic Victory Music (Heroic Fanfare Ceremony)

Epic Classical Music

Track #05 - Epic Classical Music (Violin Knight Ceremony)

Epic Dramatic Music

Track #06 - Epic Dramatic Music (Tension Before Battle)

Epic Suspense Music

Track #07 - Epic Suspense Music (Fearful Dark Ending)

Epic Intense Music

Track #08 - Epic Intense Music (Never Ending Battle)

Epic Powerful Music

Track #09 - Epic Powerful Music (Epic Female Vocals)

Epic Choir Music

Track #10 - Epic Choir Music (Epic Male Chorus)

Epic Orchestral Music

Track #11 - Epic Orchestral Music (Epic Vocal Music)

Epic Superhero Music

Track #12 - Epic Superhero Music (Epic Cinematic Background)

Epic Choir Song

Track #13 - Epic Choir Song (Happy Epic Music)