For any questions that are related to my music or YouTube, comment under one of my videos directly. (fast response)

Disregard auto-generated art tracks, they look like a static video with my album art and it says "auto-generated by YouTube" in the description. YouTube did remove the ability to comment on those a while ago.

If the music you want to use doesn't exist as a custom video yet, you can comment under my channel trailer.

Twitter & Other Socials

For other types of questions, you can try to @ me on Twitter. (fast if I see it, quality filter is on)

DMs are turned off on Twitter and purged without reading on other socials.

Google Form

Filling the following Google form will send it to my public email address.

While you can find my public email elsewhere, I'll get an extra form notification if you do it here, and you'll get added to the ticket queue.

(Basically, no form = spam)

If you are here for playlist submission, read the following rules:

  1. Listen to my playlists.

  2. Make sure your music is on Spotify, YT Music AND Deezer.

  3. Make sure your music is original and not a cover.

  4. Does your music fit?

  5. Yes.

  6. Fill the following Google Form, make sure to include your artist name and album name. Plus anything you want to add.

  7. You can link a specific song, but there is no guarantee that I will pick it over other songs in your album, even over older songs in previous albums.