For any questions that are related to my music or YouTube, comment under one of my videos directly.

Disregard auto-generated art tracks, they look like a static video with my album art and it says "auto-generated by YouTube" in the description. YouTube did remove the ability to comment on those a while ago.

You can use my music for free on YouTube, if you don't monetize your video. You can tell me that you used it, if you want to, but you don't have to. 

Note: You can mention my channel @DemfireCreation or @Demfire_Creation in the description.

Twitter & Other Socials

For other types of questions, you can try to @ me on Twitter (quality filter is on).

DMs are turned off on Twitter and purged without reading on other socials.

Google Form

Filling the following Google form will send it to my public email address.

While you can find my public email elsewhere, filling the form is required to automatically get added to the ticket queue.

(Basically, no form = spam)

As of March 31, 2024, I no longer accept playlist submissions.

An increase of submission volume, low quality and the inability for most people to follow simple instructions has led to this.

Everything music related is a hobby for me, I pulled the plug on something that started to make it feel like a job.

Don't send me tracks.

(exception: if you are a trailer house working with live orchestras, notify me of your existence)