About my music

All songs you find here are my original compositions.

I compose a large variety of music, from tribal world drumming music to classical music to new age music.

The World music I compose is mostly tribal. I focus on ancient traditional instruments, mainly drums, that were used by tribes over the World, ages ago.

  • Tribal Trials (ethnic drums, anvils, shakers, rattles, flutes, shouts)

  • Tribal Drums (African, Indian, Native American, Asian, War)

The Classical music I compose is mixed.

The New Age music I compose is mostly under the main categories of relaxation and meditation.

About my platforms

On YouTube after I release a new album I upload the music videos at the rate of 1 per week:

  • The video format is the music combined with a background that I animate.

  • All songs are also available on release date in the form of auto-generated art tracks (they appear in the "Albums & Singles" section on my official artist channel, scroll down all the way. Please note that I don't get any kind of notification from comments on those).

On YouTube Music all songs are available on release date.

  • That's the source of the auto-generated art tracks.

On Spotify all songs are available on release date.

  • Some of my songs appear in my curated playlists alongside other relevant artist for the given music genre.

On Twitter I upload 15-30sec previews.

  • In the description you can find links to the full song on YouTube / Spotify / Bandcamp / Amazon / Apple.

On Instagram I upload 15-30sec previews.

On TikTok I upload 15-30sec previews.

My music is available on dozens of platforms that I never checked. You can see the full list at CD Baby's website, my distributor.

The delay between the last YouTube video / Twitter preview and the next album is usually 1-2 months.