About Me

About My Music

Free On YouTube

On YouTube (both my channels) you can use my music for free in your normal videos and shorts, if you don't monetize them. Read my licensing page for more information.

Copyright. Copyright-protected content found. The owner allows the content to be used on YouTube.
Channel impact. Not affected. The Content ID claim on your video doesn't affect your channel. This is not a copyright strike.

All uploads you find on my YouTube channel are my original compositions. When you upload a video, you have the option to let people use it in their shorts. I leave this option checked, so you can easily add them to your shorts too.

World Genre

The World music I compose is mostly tribal. I focus on ancient traditional instruments, mainly drums, that were used by tribes over the World, ages ago.

Epic Orchestral Genre

Classical & Hybrid.

Classical Genre

The Classical music I compose is versatile.

New-Age Genre

The New Age music I compose is mostly under the main categories of relaxation and ambient.

About My Platforms


On YouTube I upload custom music videos after each release. I have split my music by genre:

YouTube Music

On YouTube Music all songs are available on release date.

That's also the source of the auto-generated art tracks that you can see on normal YouTube.


On Spotify all songs are available on release date.

Some of my songs appear in my curated playlists alongside other relevant artist for the given music genre (also on YT Music, Deezer and Tidal).


I have split my music by genre (1 World music account and 1 Epic music account):


On Twitter I either upload previews of my YouTube videos or just a link to them.

I also tweet daily updates about the songs I add to my curated playlists.

Instagram & Tiktok

On Instagram I upload 15-30sec song previews.

On TikTok I upload 15-30sec song previews.

IG and Tiktok are not exactly good places to share original music. Short shelf life of posts means no continuous growth, only leaving place for trends and covers of popular music.


My music is available on dozens of platforms that I don't use. You can see the full list at CD Baby's website, my distributor. Also Tunecore for 2023+ releases.