Demfire Creation

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"Hundreds of instruments compose an orchestra.The only limit is your imagination." ―Demfire Creation


Demfire Creation is an Epic music and World music composer. Every song he writes is original, build-up from scratch and not using any loops or samples.

In the Epic genre, he composes orchestral music, which can be classical, hybrid or cross-over. His first album in that genre is "Epic Music Debut", a 22 songs classical orchestral album, with a diversity of sub-genres like: intense battle, heroic moments, powerful choirs and dramatic soundtracks.

In the World genre, he composes mainly Tribal music, with drums being the most prominent instrument. His most notable album in that genre is "Tribal Drums", a massive 50 songs multi-cultural drumming album. The ethnic groups represented in his works are worldwide: African, Indian, Native American and Asian.

Outside of his two main genres, he composed a fair amount of New-Age music mainly aimed at relaxation, meditation, sleeping and studying.

Besides being a music artist, he is also an independent playlist curator. His playlists feature a few of his own tracks alongside established artists for the given genre.

In his World music playlists, you can find traditional and authentic music. In his Epic music playlists you can find battle, orchestral, motivational and a lot more music variety, accompanied by choirs or instrumentals. Movie scores, trailer soundtracks, game OSTs and film music count for a majority of the tracks in his epic playlists.

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