My name is Demfire and I compose a large variety of music, growing with each album release. I also curate playlists.

Here is a quick peak at my albums content (oldest to newest):

Tribal Trials: Do you like drums? Well, this is tribal music with a lot of drumming.

Simple Orchestra: Easy to listen, classical music with common orchestra instruments.

Relaxing Music Discovery: New Age tracks to help you relax, relieve stress or focus.

Relaxing Asian Music: Relaxation, but this time with Chinese, Indian & Persian instruments.

Sleeping Music: Songs to help you fall asleep and background music for studying or reading.

New Age Music: With meditation in mind, composed to help you meditate and concentrate.

Inspirational Piano Music: Easy listening piano for inspiration and motivation.

Tribal Drums: A massive multi-cultural 50 songs album. African, Indian, Native American, Asian, War (mixed).

More information in the about section.

All my albums covers

You can find me on the music platforms below, click on your favorite one, or go to my albums page to find a list of all my albums, or go to my playlists page to find a list of all my curated playlists.

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